Sip + Steam Herbal Tea 1 oz Bag

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Sip + Steam Herbal Tea 1 oz Bag


Because beautiful skin starts from the inside, our organic herbal Sip + Steam blends are designed to help you sip your way to more healthier, more radiant skin! All teas are caffeine- and gluten-free!

Directions: SIP: Bring water to a boil, place 1 Tablespoon of loose leaf tea into your infuser, steep 5-10 minutes and enjoy! FACIAL STEAM: Pour freshly boiled water into a heat safe bowl and add 1 Tablespoon of our organic herbal blend. Allow to steep 10-15 minutes. Drape a towel over your head, holding your face about 12 inches away from the bowl to trap the steam. ENJOY!

Soothe + Heal: *Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica), *Oatstraw (Avena sativa), *Lemon Balm (Melissa officials), *Linden Flower (Tilia), *Rose Flower (Rosa canina) *Signifies Certified Organic Ingredient

Detox + Restore: *Burdock Root (Atrium), *Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officialis), *Milk Thistle Seed (Silubum marianum), *Oatstraw (Avena sativa), *Peppermint Leaf (Menta piperita), *Ginger Root (Zingibar official), *Hibiscus Flower (H. rosa-sinensis) *Signifies Certified Organic Ingredient

Balance + Maintain: *Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica),*Chamomile (Marticaria recutita), *Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) *Signifies Certified Organic Ingredient

Net Wt. 1 oz (35g)
Vegan, Gluten Free

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